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Where is the conference being held?

The ASLFL conference is being held at the University of Ireland-Maynooth which is 20 minutes outside of Dublin, Ireland. Opening & Closing Ceremonies and select events will be off campus with the majority of the conference being spent at Maynooth College (conference sessions, meals & room accommodations for all students).

What dates are the conferences?

Date: Saturday, July 22nd to Sunday, July 20th, 2017 at The National University of Ireland-Maynooth in Dublin, Ireland

How far is the airport from Dublin?

Dublin airport is 12km from Dublin city centre.

How far is the college from the airport?

Dublin airport is 30 minutes from Maynooth College, were the majority of the program will take place.

Will there be transportation to and from the airport?

Yes there are local cab services yet if you are traveling as an International delegation then the ICCUSA Foundation will be organizing group pick-ups from Dublin Airport to the dorms.

What kind of clothing or attire should the students bring?

Clothing attire is casual for the most part. Smart dress will be required for the graduation dinner (not formal). They should bring some gym shoes as there are indoor courts which can be used by all participants. Also, considering the varied climate Ireland has, we suggest some light protective rain gear (just in case).

How secure are the accommodations?

The accommodation center is fully contained in secure grounds at Maynooth College, a public/private university. All students will be engaged in on site activities and therefore will be fully supervised by staff. Attendance will be monitored by group facilitators.

Specialized Food Menu - vegetarian/religious/allergic status

There is at least one vegetarian meal on each day. Special dietary requirements will be catered for. This will be included in the information we get back from our students.

Accommodating the disabled on campus or travel

The accommodation is accessible. There are specially adapted rooms for those that need it.

Travel by buses

Shuttle buses will be on hand to transport people arriving at all main rail/bus stations to Maynooth College. Transport will be supplied throughout the week for all activities/events that are on offer.

Dorms - how many people per Room? (Single Dorm Rooms) Everyone will be getting their very own room!

The dorms are 6/5/4 bedded. The residential buildings will be mixed in with people from different areas but will be separated by male and female.

Supervision - what are the reassuring aspects of the separation of boys and girls in terms of lodging?

There are separate blocks for male and female on site. There will be both male and female staff supervising throughout the night.

Medics/specialized medical care on site. US healthcare insurance options?

We have two qualified nursing professionals on our staff. One will be on duty during daytime hours and the other will be on site overnight. All staff/volunteers will have information in relation to emergency medical care/hospitals/doctors on call etc in their staff packs. Each participant that is traveling should ensure that their own health insurance is up to date and covers them while they are in Ireland.

Pre-existing training regimens - we would not recommend allowing students to do their daily routine, jogging, or walks alone.

Down time will be available for students to engage in organized activities. They will also have access to the swimming pool while on site. Students will not be permitted to do any activities alone outside of these times.


All bedding is provided in the accommodation. Each student will need to bring his or her own towels.

Shared Bathrooms

All rooms have their own toilet/shower facilities.

Computer Lab

It will be on campus to contact Parents. There will be a computer lab on site which will be available to students during their free time. Access to email will be available so they can keep in touch with family. The computer lab will be supervised by a staff person at all times. Use of internet will be monitored. As this is a university, such measures will already be in place.

Papers/Notebook/Pens - will they be provided etc?

All stationary will be provided to the participants.

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