Leadership Team
Maurice A. Buckley,
International Chairman

International Chairman of Albert Schweitzer's Leadership for Life, is the founder of ASLFL and president and CEO of The Ireland Chamber United States (ICCUSA) which promotes business between the US and Ireland. He is a former president of The National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO) which annually awards the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor. A recipient himself, the Medal is annually awarded to a group of distinguished American citizens who exemplify hard-work, self-improvement. Previously, Mr. Buckley served as president and CEO of Pamarco Technologies, and was the founder of the MAB group, a European manufacturer in the graphic arts field. A graduate of Manchester University inEngland, Mr. Buckley is actively involved in the development of Northern Ireland following the peace agreement and has successfully initiated many investment and leadership programs. As a Knight of Malta, Mr. Buckley continues the organization's 900 year old mission of defending the poor and sick. His commitment to humanity has been internationally recognized and applauded.

ASLFL Regional Leadership Directors and Coordinators

  • Pope Ejiofor – Nigeria
  • Bill Manson – Northern Ireland
  • Christina Bruning - Washington State (USA) & Lithuania
  • John Sharples – Warrington (UK)
  • Alan Bramhall - Israel, Palestine, UK


ASLFL Board of Directors

"Search and see if there is not some place where you may invest your humanity."
~Albert Schweitzer