ASLFL Conference Packing List

In your checked Luggage - one suitcase only


Key word - layers

Season and locale dependant, including what you are wearing.

The attire for the week of the Conference, students (boys and girls) must be properly dressed at all times, just like if you were going to school. We do not accept revealing clothes, such as hot pants, micro skirts, crop tops. For the boys, we do not allow sporting shorts.
Clothing attire for the Graduation Gala, the boys are required to wear a jacket and tie, no jeans, no sneakers, no flip flops; the girls are required to wear an appropriate cocktail dress (not revealing). For the K-Club Barbeque smart casual, no jeans, no hot pants, no micro skirts, no rompers, no playsuits, no sneakers or flip flops (for boys and girls).
Also, considering the varied climate Ireland has, we suggest some light protective rain gear (just in case). The weather is not predictable, so it would be convenient to bring a warm jacket, umbrella and raingear.

Personal Care Items

Look your best.

  • Shaving cream and /or razor
  • nail clippers
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste and dental floss
  • soap and shampoo
  • comb or brush
  • pack of tissues
  • towel

* Be sure to have an Electrical Converter

  • dual voltage electric shaving razor
  • dual voltage hair blower
  • dual voltage hair straightener
  • dual voltage curler
  • dual voltage iron
  • cosmetics
  • after shave
  • conditioner

In your carry on - one carry on suitcase and one small personal item allowed

* Students/Chaperones need to be responsible for their own personal items.
  • books or magazines to read on the plane
  • IPod
  • camera
  • journal to write down your experiences (also, pens and pencils)
  • one set of clothing and underwear in case luggage is delayed
  • medicines and essential toiletries (3 oz bottles in 1 Ziploc bag) in case luggage is delayed

In your Pockets - have a money holder that you can wear inside your clothes never put these items in your luggage.


Can't live without it.

Euro and Other Currencies: Get the currency rate.

  • cash
  • credit cards (have phone no. available to cancel card if stolen)
  • ATM cards (have phone no. available to cancel card if stolen)


  • travelers checks

Being able to prove who you are is essential.

  • passport + one copy
  • driver's license or State I.D. is you have one
  • school I.D. card

Helping you get ready for the program

What will be provided?

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Refreshments and snacks throughout the day
  • Sheets, pillow and bedding
  • Activities, computer access, all materials

What to bring?

  • Please bring 28mm padlock with you or you can lock your personal items in the locker in your room. These will not be provided at the venue.
  • Towels will be provided but also please bring your own towels.
  • Please bring some gym shoes/sneakers and any other sports gear you like as there are several sports facilities on site.
  • There is a swimming pool on site which will be available for your use. If you would like to use this facility please ensure you bring appropriate swimwear, including a swimming cap and towel.
  • On Thursday night there will be a Graduation Gala Ball and entertainment. The dress code for this is semi-formal, cocktail dress for the girls, jacket and tie for the boys (i.e. no sneakers or jeans).
  • On Friday eve there will be a Barbecue at the K Club, the attire is smart casual (i.e. no jeans, shorts, flip flops, sneakers, sweatshirts)
  • As Irish weather is unpredictable please bring a jacket/coat/rainwear for any outdoor activities
  • Personal toiletries are required
  • If you are a musician, please feel free to bring your instruments

What not to bring?

  • Any items of personal or monetary value. We cannot be held responsible for the loss of personal items. Please leave such items at home.
  • While you are welcome to bring your mobile phone with you, they will need to be kept on silence during all main workshops and gatherings.

Spending Money:

A small amount of money should be brought to buy drinks/snacks etc. in the snack shop which will be on site. All other main meals are provided. It is not advisable or required to have large sums of money with you.

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