Programs & Conferences

 International Youth Leadership Initiative
The Albert Schweitzer Leadership for Life Foundation programs are currently designed for students aged 15 through 18 years who have demonstrated leadership skills and the interest to serve their communities and others around the world.

Objectives of the ASLFL Programs and Conferences:

  • Develop and present meaningful, state-of-the-art youth leadership and mentorship programs to qualified students
  • Conduct domestic and international student seminars, conferences, and virtual learning opportunities in a safe and nurturing environment
  • Offer qualified students a cross-cultural learning experience focusing on community services, skills development, health and well-being, and environmental solutions
  • Inspire young people to become effective leaders and good stewards of their world
  • Promote a more prosperous, peaceful world through strong, courageous leadership free of bigotry, ambivalence, and cultural ignorance
  • Empower young people to become actively involved in the development of society


“A good leader inspires others with confidence in him,
A great leader inspires them with confidence in themselves.”